Nourishing Dairy

Nourishing dairy 

Working cows dairy

They know that they are a little out of the way, but they are the only Certified Organic Dairy in the South East! They also have a 100% Grass Fed Certificate 
and are Animal Welfare Approved. 

Their herd consists of 75% A2 animals (all tested). They do low temperature, pasteurizing their milk but not homogenizing the milk. They also make raw milk Gouda style Cheese, pepper jack, cheddar and Gouda with Cumin seed.

539 N State Highway 103, Slocomb, Alabama
(334) 886-3839

Ballard farm

Ballard Farm produces and sells raw goats milk and you can buy it from them at Palafox market, in downtown Pensacola every Saturday 9am- 2pm. The goats milk makes wonderful kefir and yogurt! 

9597 Quiet Creek Rd, Milton
(850) 382-9198
Jan & Rinske de Jong Co-Founders Working Cows Dairy 

Ocheesee creamery

 Ocheesee creamery is a three generation dairy located about 150 miles east of Pensacola but their excellent dairy products can be found as near as Mary Ester, which is about an hours drive from us so it is within a reasonable distance to stock up on their superb raw butter and milk! They also sell their dairy products in Niceville, which is about 11/2 hours drive from Pensacola but still (in our opinion) worth the time to drive and stock up on very good products! 
28367 NE State Road 69, Grand Ridge
(850) 674-1573

Find their products at:
Mary Ester market, 
 2200 Hwy 98
Mary Esther

Staff of life health food store
119 Partin Dr North Niceville. 
(850) 678-8411

Oliver farms

This farm is in Michigan, but they are able to ship packages of raw, organic delicious cheese to your door in a cold box. Cheddar, Mozarella and Swiss cheeses. We highly recommend them. They have a Grade A Dairy, and Cheese manufacturing plant right on the farm. 

Contact Toni (810) 356-1799 or Chuck (810) 793-7289) 

Interesting info on raw milk here:

Roamin' Roan Acres 

Family owned and operated farm in East Milton Florida. Breed and raise Nubian and Lamancha dairy goats. Herds are tested annually for CAE and have not had CL on farm. Farm has feed master permit from the state of FL so the raw goat milk is sold for animal consumption only.

Lexi Griffee
(850) 621-2296

Little farm in the forest

A small farm featuring Organically grown vegetables. Offers raw milk, raw cream and eggs. Our chickens are on pasture, supplemented with non-GMO. Find them at the Palafox market on Saturdays 8am-2pm

10420 Indian Ford Rd
Holt, Florida
Call (850) 232-284

Green Cedars Farm & Dairy

Green cedars farm is around 40 minutes drive North of Pensacola and well worth a visit if you have the opportunity! Farmer Roger has mostly Jersey cows and this is a gorgeous Brown Swiss from the farm!  No hormones are given and the cows are grass fed. They are fed grain at milking only. Their raw milk is wonderful and can be found at the following locations in and around Pensacola: 

Palafox farmers market,  Downtown Pensacola
HH Feed Store – 1280 Hwy 97 Molino, FL 850-587-3179
Dandy’s Country Market – 3840 U.S. 90, Pace (850) 982-6375
Gilley’s Country Store 5860 Highway 99, Century (850) 327-6415

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