Easy Real Food Idea

Published on 02/19/14

Have you ever eaten a meal so good you wished you could do dinner all over again? I just had one of those moments, where I said “Mmmmmmm” all the way through it. And the best part? It was ready in 30 minutes. Real Food can sometimes take a lot of time and kitchen dedication, so it is really exciting when you can put together a great meal AND get in and out of the kitchen! Bonus? It didn’t cost a fortune.

Tonight I made Coconut Crusted Cod with spinach and rice. Coconut crusted cod When I got home from work, I popped 1 cup of Texas Best Organic White Jasmine Rice I purchased at Publix into my rice cooker while I let my dogs out. I fed my dogs, put my things away and put 1/4 cup of water I filtered with my Berkey into a pot with a bag of Publix brand organic chopped spinach. I took a moment and emptied by dishboard, turned on my dishwasher, and then I started heating my frying pan with about 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. While that was heating, I coated wild atlantic caught cod fish with a one pastured egg beaten with 1 tablespoon of filtered water. Next, in a bowl, I combined raw shredded coconut with a generous helping of Paula Dean’s house seasoning and coated the fish. Once coated, they went into the coconut oil until crispy brown, done at the same time my rice cooker beeped.

And that was it. Served up generous portion of spinach (spinach is my favorite veggie!), a teaspoon of butter, 1/2 cup rice and the yummiest cod ever! Real food, real easy. I hope you try it!


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